Folk Islamic Rituals #9: Devotional Images

This blog post is the ninth in a series on South Asian folk Islam and its rituals. Click here to go to the first of these articles. Understanding the rituals of Folk Islam provides insight into the beliefs and practices of folk Muslims. This understanding helps us to make disciples of folk Muslims. I hadContinue reading “Folk Islamic Rituals #9: Devotional Images”

Folk Islamic Ritual #7: Mystical Uses of the Qur’an

One Muslim understands the Qur’an to be the source of truth from Allah, while another uses the Qur’an most as a magic book to overcome spiritual forces in their life. Many Muslims simultaneously use the Qur’an in both of these ways.

Discipling MBBs through Persecution

This blogpost was written for a training manual. Therefore, it is in a bullet point style. This blog post is a continuation of special issues in discipling Muslim-background believers (MBBs). For the previous post on helping MBBs go public in their faith, click here. Persecution is normal for MBBs.┬áThe Bible describes persecution as a normalContinue reading “Discipling MBBs through Persecution”

The Sacrifice of Christ: A Gospel Tool for Muslims

In this blogpost, I am sharing how I normally share the gospel with Muslims in South Asia. Before I begin, I want to share a few notes. First, there are many, many footnotes that provide theological and cultural details for this story. Second, we often only use the center box, which shares five unique thingsContinue reading “The Sacrifice of Christ: A Gospel Tool for Muslims”

South Asia has the Greatest Concentration of Muslim Lostness on the Planet

South Asia has the greatest concentration of Muslim lostness on the planet. In 2020, there are approximately 586.9 million Muslims in this area of the world.