Folk Islamic Rituals #9: Devotional Images

This blog post is the ninth in a series on South Asian folk Islam and its rituals. Click here to go to the first of these articles. Understanding the rituals of Folk Islam provides insight into the beliefs and practices of folk Muslims. This understanding helps us to make disciples of folk Muslims. I hadContinue reading “Folk Islamic Rituals #9: Devotional Images”

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Folk Islamic Ritual #7: Mystical Uses of the Qur’an

One Muslim understands the Qur’an to be the source of truth from Allah, while another uses the Qur’an most as a magic book to overcome spiritual forces in their life. Many Muslims simultaneously use the Qur’an in both of these ways.

The Muslim Triangle: A Tool for Evaluating and Engaging the Diversity of South Asian Islam

South Asia contain the greatest concentration of Muslim lostness on the planet (read here). South Asia also has the greatest diversity of Islam in the world. The Muslim Triangle is a simple training tool for helping people understand the diversity of South Asian Islam. Those with significant experiences will realize that this diagram is insufficientContinue reading “The Muslim Triangle: A Tool for Evaluating and Engaging the Diversity of South Asian Islam”

Folk Islamic Ritual #3: Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Muhammad’s Birthday)

Islamic folk practices reveal the worldview of folk Muslims. Understanding the worldview of folk Muslims empowers us to make disciples among them. I want to begin this discussion with my first experience of Eid Milad-un-Nabi (also known as Mawlid). My wife and I had recently moved to South Asia and lived across the street fromContinue reading Folk Islamic Ritual #3: Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Muhammad’s Birthday)

Folk Islamic Ritual #1: Na’at (Devotional Singing)

This blogpost is the first of a series sharing some of the basic aspects of South Asian folk Muslim rituals. Understanding folk Muslim’s worldview aids in making disciples for Jesus among folk Muslims. Therefore, each reading concludes with tips on how these worldview issues relate to ministry among folk Muslims. There is great diversity inContinue reading “Folk Islamic Ritual #1: Na’at (Devotional Singing)”

Rituals of Folk Muslims in South Asia: Na’at

Our Engaging South Asian Muslims E-Course recently went live. This course is a great opportunity to learn about the worldview of the Muslims of South Asia and how to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to them. This reading is an example of one of the readings from this E-Course. Each the twelveContinue reading “Rituals of Folk Muslims in South Asia: Na’at”