Pauline Emulation in First Thessalonians

It is my conviction – and that of many missionaries – that missionaries should emulate the apostle Paul in their missionary work. In my dissertation, I argued at length that Paul intended for Timothy to emulate his missionary model, even after his death (2 Tim 3:10-4:8). I argued that Paul likewise intended for Timothy toContinue reading “Pauline Emulation in First Thessalonians”

Folk Islamic Ritual #5: Tawiz (Amulets)

This blog post is the fifth in a series on South Asian folk Islam and its rituals. Click here to go to the first of these articles. Understanding the rituals of Folk Islam provides insight into the beliefs and practices of folk Muslims. For some, it is strange to explore the worldview of folk Muslims.Continue reading “Folk Islamic Ritual #5: Tawiz (Amulets)”

Sharing Jesus with South Asian Shias

When Islam first spread to South Asia, it spread through Shia Muslims, first to the Sindh and then to the area around Lucknow. The father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was a secular Shia.[1] Today, Pakistan and India have significant Shia populations of at least 20 million per country.[2] Despite this large population, there are almost noContinue reading “Sharing Jesus with South Asian Shias”

Five Barriers to Engaging Muslims with the Gospel

In 1791, William Carey published An Enquiry, effectively launching the modern missions movement. His argument was that Christians needed to take up the Great Commission by forming mission boards to launch missionaries to the nations. Carey led the charge by going to India in 1792. In An Enquiry, Carey detailed the greatest centers of lostness in the world,Continue reading “Five Barriers to Engaging Muslims with the Gospel”

Discipling MBBs through Persecution

This blogpost was written for a training manual. Therefore, it is in a bullet point style. This blog post is a continuation of special issues in discipling Muslim-background believers (MBBs). For the previous post on helping MBBs go public in their faith, click here. Persecution is normal for MBBs. The Bible describes persecution as a normalContinue reading “Discipling MBBs through Persecution”

The Muslim Triangle: A Tool for Evaluating and Engaging the Diversity of South Asian Islam

South Asia contain the greatest concentration of Muslim lostness on the planet (read here). South Asia also has the greatest diversity of Islam in the world. The Muslim Triangle is a simple training tool for helping people understand the diversity of South Asian Islam. Those with significant experiences will realize that this diagram is insufficientContinue reading “The Muslim Triangle: A Tool for Evaluating and Engaging the Diversity of South Asian Islam”

Covid Vaccines, Freedom, and Imitating Paul

If you are on social media, you have undoubtedly heard numerous appeals to freedom and personal conscience regarding being vaccinated from Covid-19. Many argue that freedom means that they, not the government, should choose whether they should take these vaccines. More than once, I have seen Galatians 5:1 invoked in this context,  “For freedom, ChristContinue reading “Covid Vaccines, Freedom, and Imitating Paul”

Three Responses to the Gospel: Red, Yellow, and Green Lights

A few months ago, a South Asia Christian told me that before we trained him to share the gospel with Muslims, every Muslim rejected his message. In reality, those Muslims did not reject his message; instead, they rejected the language and culture he used to present the gospel. So, we helped this brother learn someContinue reading “Three Responses to the Gospel: Red, Yellow, and Green Lights”

The Sacrifice of Christ: A Gospel Tool for Muslims

In this blogpost, I am sharing how I normally share the gospel with Muslims in South Asia. Before I begin, I want to share a few notes. First, there are many, many footnotes that provide theological and cultural details for this story. Second, we often only use the center box, which shares five unique thingsContinue reading “The Sacrifice of Christ: A Gospel Tool for Muslims”

Helping MBBs Go Public as Followers of Jesus

This blog post is the first of several that will focus on special issues in developing Muslim background believers (MBB) to maturity. This section was written to be included in a training manual and adapted for this blog. One of the most significant steps in the faith of every MBB is going public in theirContinue reading “Helping MBBs Go Public as Followers of Jesus”