Blogging is hard!

When I began this blog about a year ago, I had a desire to share my perspective with the world. I thought I would write one or two blogs a week. I was very excited!

Then reality hit. Blogging is hard work! I constantly have thoughts that come through my mind about blogs that I want to write. A few in the last week are:

  1. A biblical defense on Pauline Emulation as a biblically faithful missiological hermeneutic. A significant part of my doctoral dissertation was on this subject and it remains a passion of mine! Pauline Emulation is the idea that God placed Paul in Scripture as the ideal missionary model. Therefore, modern missionaries should study the life and ministry of Paul for modern emulation.
  2. An analytical biblical theology of mission of 1 Corinthians. Lately, I have been studying this book with great benefit for Paul’s missiological model! I would also love to write on the same theme for most of Paul’s letters. Each one of these letters provides a rich missiology from Paul, which should be synthesized together into a Pauline missiology.
  3. A method for deriving modern missiological practices through Pauline emulation. Basically, I advocate a four-step process. (1) analytical biblical theologies of mission of each relevant text (i.e., Acts and Paul’s letters), (2) a synthetic biblical theology of mission of Paul, (3) Pauline Emulation as a missiological hermeneutic that bridges then then until today, and (4) developing a modern practical missiology. One of the greatest helps for steps 3-4 is a study of 2 Timothy, where Paul expressed an intent for Timothy to emulate his model (2 Tim 1:13-14; 3:10-4:5) and for Timothy to hand his model off to others (2 Tim 2:2).
  4. Various cultural tips on engaging South Asian Muslims with the gospel.
  5. A discussion of the importance of the Sermon on the Mount in discipleship of MBBs from South Asia. In particular, Jesus’ focus on showing the need for inward change rather than mere outward obedience is transformational for many MBBs.
  6. A discussion of the themes of Hebrews in discipleship of MBBs. In particular, Jesus as the best mediator (Heb 5-7), the giver of a new and better covenant (Heb 8), and the giver of the greatest sacrifice (Heb 9-10) are powerful gospel themes for many MBBs.
  7. Ministry tools. For example, how do we share the gospel, work with seekers, disciple new believers, etc.

The ideas above merely scratch the surface of the ideas I would love to write about. Please pray for me that the Lord will give renewed energy to focus on a writing ministry. I believe I have something to contribute that would be of value to many!



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