Our Engaging South Asian Muslims E-Course is Live!

I want to share an exciting announcement! No Cousins Left has launched its first E-Course to train others in how to make disciples and plant churches among the almost 600 million Muslims of South Asia.

This E-Course is self-paced, meaning that you can access each lesson at any time. This training consists of twelve lessons. It is recommended that you take no more than two lessons each week to allow time for the content to sink in. Each lesson will take about one hour to complete and includes a combination of videos, readings, and quizzes. There is no cost for taking this course.

Most lessons contain the following five topics:

  1. Philosophy of Ministry. Brief videos about developing a strong biblical-theological foundation for ministry to Muslims. Some videos also compare and contrast with other philosophies of ministry.
  2. Prayer for Pakistan. Learning about Pakistan and praying for Pakistan.
  3. History of South Asian Islam. Readings about a historical figure or movement in South Asian Islam and how these historical figures or movements related to Muslim ministry.
  4. Muslim Ministry Tools. Videos training basic ministry tools for ministry to South Asian Muslims.
  5. Folk Muslim Rituals. Most Muslims in South Asia are strongly influenced by folk Islam. These readings reveal the worldview of folk Muslims by studying their rituals. 

If you want to join this course, e-mail us at nocousinsleft@protonmail.com. We will send you a link to sign in to the course.

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